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Icarus and Apollo is an internationally inspired start-up food vendor of unique and sustainable plant based meals sourced as locally to our home town of Sheffield as possible. The dishes themselves reflect a blend of cultural inspiration from our travels across the world, including countries such as the Philippines, Spain, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, India, Turkey and America, with our passion for sustainable and ethically sourced and created food products. Beginning in Lockdown 1.0, we served from our retro caravan, that was initially designed to allow us to travel and work across the country, however, in lieu of the situation 2020 has brought with it, we have been fortunate enough to expand into our new permanent home at Steelyard Kelham within a recycled shipping container. 

Our dishes offer plant based alternatives for both vegetarians and vegans. Not only are the type and methods of growing the ingredients in our foods important to consider when thinking sustainably, but also how they get to us. Hence, we seek to grow, source and use as local ingredients to not only help the environment, but also support local communities and businesses, and ensure the freshest of food options are provided to our customers. Currently we support four local businesses within the produce we buy, as well as hand made design pieces for sale within our store as well, with many more collaborations occurring outside this space. 


Icarus and Apollo aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We do this through growing a lot of our herbs and spices, harnessing energy through solar panels on our van, using recyclable and biodegradable packaging and in the materials used to build our restaurant, as well as only offering vegan and vegetarian options.


The name, Icarus and Apollo, is in some ways a metaphor that pays homage to the ancient Greek story, in which Icarus' father builds him wings made of wax to escape Crete, however, flies to close to the sun, of which Apollo is the God of, and plummets into the ocean to his demise. Now although we aren’t Greek, and can’t pay claim to fame for inventing these quirky and interesting names, we did convert and build our retro caravan with our own two hands, so you could say we also underwent a transformation of sort that allowed us to escape and travel, much like the symbol of the wings. Yet, we are conscious that we are a grass-roots business starting out and only just learning to 'fly', therefore we wish to be humble in how we present ourselves, rather than the hubris shown by Icarus, and for us more specifically, it is the food we create that is the key, for it is its’ authenticity, hand crafted nature and uniqueness that we want to project to our customers.


Meet Us

Our Van

2020-05-13 06.36.40 1.jpg

We serve and prepare our food from our vintage food van that has has the facilities to be fully self-sufficient and can therefore serve in more remote locations. We purchased this van at the beginning of 2020 and spent five long weeks converting it to become what we had been planning and thinking about for so long, with our first ever idea being drawn into a beach on the small island of Malapascua in the Philippines. 

The caravan itself is lit up with festoon lights and adds a unique touch to any bespoke event that we attend, especially in the evening. 

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